Welcome at CorpoNet, the global network for IT professionals in housing.

CorpoNet is an independent (Dutch) network organization funded and directed by its members. Members are IT-professionals in housing associations. Currently CorpoNet has 130+ members, representing a total of 1,9 million homes. CorpoNet’s aim is to bring all relevant (IT) players in the housing sector together, to share knowledge, expertise and best (worst and next) practices under the motto ‘Knowledge should be Shared’.

What we do

Since the start in 2000 CorpoNet (initially called NetwIT, Network for IT professionals in housing) a total of 11 books have been published on a variety of topics such as ICT security and Outsourcing, workshops, meetings, conferences and study tours have been organized and CorpoNet was one of the initiators of the annual benchmark of IT cost.

Our members

Membership is only open to Dutch housing associations and their IT professionals. The housing association is member of CorpoNet and all interested employees are welcome to participate in CorpoNet activities. Sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices is not limited to these Dutch colleagues and the International Liaison of CorpoNet is interested in sharing the learnings of the members with interested parties in other countries.

Our international partners

Over the years many housing associations from outside The Netherlands have been visited and have participated in sharing and learning activities, projects and visits. Currently the UK based Disruptive Innovators Network (DIN) is partnering with CorpoNet. Members of DIN have visited The Netherlands, teams from NL and UK are participating in a hackathon with the aim of ‘building a digital worker’ and NL, UK and Canadian housing associations will (for the first time in 2019) participate in a ‘light’ version of the IT cost benchmark. Also the Dutch developed standard models for data and processes within housing associations (called CORA and VERA) have been translated and updated for use within the UK (called Housing Data Standard) and together with UK based HACT we work on developing new standards and sharing learnings on use, development and benefits of these standards. Innovation in the area of digitalisation has led to an overview of innovations, that will be shared with an initiative from Housing Europe called Housing Evolutions Hub. Dutch projects will be added to the website of the Evolutions Hub and the collaboration with DIN has resulted in a first NL UK project to develop a next version of Dutch developed first fully digital housing association called QLinker. In terms of ‘looking to the future’ we’ve organized a brainstorm session that has resulted in a (digital) booklet called ‘The 2030 Dialogue’. This booklet contains seven chapters with a visual image of ‘the housing association in 2030’ as well as a series of questions and statements to be used as a source of inspiration for ‘2030’ sessions within your own housing association. The booklet can be found at Laurike invullen… and we would love to hear back from you and receive any updates on ‘2030’ resulting from your sessions.

What’s in it for you?

If ‘sharing and learning’ is your passion and you’re responsible for digitalization, IT, data, processes, services and budgets, then CorpoNet is THE place to visit and CorpoNet members, their experiences, products and data are THE topics to search for.


If you’re interested in learning more or if you would like to participate or share some of your own organisations’ best practices with CorpoNet members, then please contact the CorpoNet International Liaison Henk Korevaar. You can send him an email message on, call him at +31 6 54 338 773 or contact him via Skype using his Skype name: henkkorevaar.